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[Upcycled wood for planters]

Prompt: Write me a blog post about how I used leftover wood from nearby shipping pallets to build our the cafe planters.

When doing woodworking projects, sustainability is always at the forefront of my mind. When it came time to renovate our outdoor seating area, I wanted to find a way to incorporate recycled materials into the design of our cafe. That's when I stumbled upon a solution that not only added an element of rustic charm to our space, but also helped to repurpose materials that might have otherwise gone to waste.

The shipping pallets that we used to build out the cafe planters were leftover wood from a nearby warehouse. Rather than letting them go to waste, I decided to put them to good use by burning them in the Shou Sugi Ban style. This Japanese technique involves charring the wood using a blowtorch or other heat source, creating a beautiful, deep black finish.

The burnt wood was then used to enclose our outdoor seating area, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere for our customers. But I didn't stop there – I also built modular planter trays to grow snakeplants, which fit perfectly inside the Shou Sugi Ban planters. This allows us to easily water and swap out the plants as needed, without having to remove the entire planter.

Using leftover wood from shipping pallets to create these cafe planters was not only a sustainable solution, but it also added a unique and visually striking element to our outdoor seating area. It's small steps like these that can make a big impact on the environment, and I'm proud to be able to incorporate sustainable practices into my business.

[Built a cafe for free]

Prompt: Write me a post about how I used leftover plywood from the hiclimb climbing gym to build out the cafe villamor storefront and seating areas. add details about woodworking process and using leftever wood. mention the reward of seeing it finished and add a comment about a sore back.

As the owner of Cafe Villamor, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate sustainable practices into my business. When it came time to renovate the storefront and seating areas, I knew that I wanted to find a way to repurpose materials rather than simply purchasing new ones. That's when I discovered a solution that not only helped to reduce waste, but also added a unique and rustic charm to the cafe.

The leftover plywood from the HiClimb climbing gym proved to be the perfect material for building out the cafe. Not only was it sturdy and durable, but it also had a beautiful wood grain that added character to the space.

Using the plywood was a simple project – it required minimal effort and was easy to work with. The finished product looks beautiful, with custom tables and seating areas, as well as accent walls and shelves throughout the cafe.

I'm proud to have been able to incorporate sustainable practices into my business by using leftover plywood from the climbing gym to build out the cafe. Not only does it look great, but it serves as a reminder of the importance of repurposing materials and reducing waste. It's small steps like these that can make a big impact on the environment.

[OpenAI GPT3 for Dungeons and dragons]

Below is a few prompts I generated for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign in a few seconds. They adding more detail and ellegance to a campaign world I've been running for a few years, greatly improving the visual descriptors. 

Describe me an old port city called Davenport with dozens of galleons, ancient streets, vibrant markets with all the different dnd races. All the guards and nobles are human. Add details that show that this city has existed for a century. 

Davenport was an ancient port city that had stood for over a century. Its streets were narrow and winding, lined with towering buildings of brick and stone. The city was a melting pot of cultures and races, with humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings all living and working alongside one another.

The vibrant markets were always bustling with activity, filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of a hundred different goods from all corners of the realm. The streets were crowded with merchants and traders, shouting out the virtues of their wares and haggling with customers.

The city was home to dozens of galleons, their tall masts rising up above the rooftops like a forest of sails. The harbor was always alive with the sound of creaking wood and the shouts of sailors as they went about their work.

The guards and nobles of Davenport were all humans, and they were tasked with maintaining order and protecting the city from threats both within and without. Despite the challenges that came with such a diverse and bustling city, Davenport remained a thriving hub of trade and commerce, a testament to the resilience and determination of its people.

Describe to me a shoreline of a new continent with flora and fauna untouched since prehistoric times. An untamed and wild continent with many different biomes with no existing civilization. A blank slate for which adventurers to lay claim and explore. 

The shoreline of the new continent was a wild and untamed place, with flora and fauna that had remained unchanged since prehistoric times. The air was filled with the sound of exotic birds and the distant roar of unknown beasts.

The land was a riot of color, with lush forests, rolling grasslands, and jagged mountains all vying for space. There were many different biomes present, each one home to its own unique array of plants and animals.

The continent was a blank slate, with no existing civilization to speak of. It was an untamed wilderness, waiting to be explored and claimed by adventurous souls. There was a sense of excitement and possibility in the air, as if anything was possible in this new and unknown land.

As the adventurers stepped off their ship and onto the sandy shore, they knew that they were embarking on a journey unlike any other. They were the first humans to set foot on this pristine continent, and the possibilities were endless.

Describe to me a huge ancient city of red Dragonborn, now vacant and abandoned. Add details for derelict shops, structures and a giant wall encircling the city dozens of stories tall. There is a moat outside the perimeter. There are strange pipes leading throughout the city. Outside the city walls are lush forests and untamed lands. Add details to make everything seem aged and old and worn from the elements. All the carvings on the walls are in a prehistoric draconic script. 

The ancient city of the red Dragonborn was a sight to behold. It was a huge metropolis, with dozens of buildings and structures rising up towards the sky. The city was surrounded by a giant wall, dozens of stories tall and encircling the entire metropolis. The wall was made of red stone, worn and weathered by the elements.

The city was now abandoned and vacant, with derelict shops and structures dotting the streets. The doors and windows of the buildings were all boarded up, and the once bustling marketplaces were now eerily silent.

There was a moat outside the city walls, filled with murky water and home to all manner of strange and dangerous creatures. Strange pipes could be seen running throughout the city, their purpose now lost to time.

Despite the city's abandonment, the evidence of its former grandeur was still visible. The walls were adorned with carvings in a prehistoric draconic script, telling the stories of the city's history and its people.

Outside the city walls, the land was lush and untamed, with dense forests and rolling hills stretching out as far as the eye could see. It was a land of endless possibility, waiting to be explored and claimed by those brave enough to venture out into its wilds.

[Stable diffusion and OpenAI for cafe ads]

Prompt: Write me a medium length article about Cafe Villamor celebrating it's one year anniversary.

Cafe Villamor in Honolulu, Hawaii is celebrating its one year anniversary this month! This women-owned cafe has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike, thanks to its focus on education, quality, and fitness.

Owner Kyla Villamor has a background in coffee education and quality, and has brought her expertise to Cafe Villamor to create a unique and memorable cafe experience. The menu features specially crafted healthy options, as well as a range of coffee, tea, smoothies, açaí bowls, and other food items. Some of the most popular menu items include the Rosemary Pumpkin Pie Chai, the Rosemary Pumpkin Latte, and the Gingerdoodle Latte, all of which are only available during the fall and winter seasons.

Cafe Villamor is located on Ilaniwai Street, right off Ward Avenue, and is situated in front of the HiClimb bouldering gym in Kaka'ako. In addition to being a great place to grab a coffee or a quick bite, the cafe is also a perfect spot to fuel up before or after a climb at HiClimb.

One of the things that sets Cafe Villamor apart from other cafes is its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. The cafe has a wheelchair accessible entrance and gender-neutral restrooms, making it welcoming and comfortable for all customers. They also offer a range of service options, including outdoor seating, curbside pickup, delivery, takeout, and dine-in, to accommodate different preferences and needs.

In its first year, Cafe Villamor has become a popular spot for breakfast and solo dining, as well as a gathering place for college students. Its casual and cozy atmosphere, combined with free WiFi and good options for kids, make it a great place to relax and spend some time.

As Cafe Villamor celebrates its one year anniversary, it is poised for continued success. With its focus on education, quality, and wellness, as well as its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, it is a cafe that is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

Prompt: Can you write a bio about Gabriel Yanagihara?
Gabriel Yanagihara is an experienced educator with a background in creative media, visual effects, and video game design. He has a passion for teaching and has spent many years helping students develop their skills in emerging technologies such as video game programming, app design, and fabrication. Gabriel is also the Head Coach for Esports at Iolani School and has grown the program from 12 initial students to over 200 in just two years, while reaching 2nd place rankings in the state HHSAA and 2nd place nationally in HSEL. In addition to his teaching experience, Gabriel is also a TEDx Honolulu speaker and has given workshops on topics such as Hawaiian history, NASA/Space-X Mars, and world governments using the video game Minecraft. He has also worked as a VFX and motion graphics artist for Bluewater Multimedia and has experience with software such as After Effects, Maya, VUE, and XSI. Gabriel is the owner and manager of his own freelance company, Crowdsourced Cinderscape Animation, which connects and negotiates with clients for film, photo, and graphic artists.