[AI 101 crash course]


Next Big Event! 

Join Gabriel Yanagihara and AI Hawaii for an exciting talk about AI in the Classroom

Gabriel is a dedicated educator from Maui with deep expertise in artificial intelligence, computer science, creative media, and video game design. He currently enriches students at Iolani School with courses on AI, game design, 3D printing, and fabrication, while also leading the school's Esports program. His commitment extends beyond teaching, as he actively participates in Professional Development and Community Outreach, offering keynotes, teacher training, and workshops. His work aims to integrate cutting-edge technology into educational and professional settings, reflecting a deep understanding of the ethical, business, and academic implications of AI.

Sponsor: Thank you to the Hub Coworking Hawaii and Hawaii Center for AI for sponsoring the venue. Also thanks to Hawaii Slack for food sponsorship. For more details and feedback about the meetup group, please join #ai-hawaii on Hawaii Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/hawaii/shared_invite/zt-2ejyavuue-32GA7uFZKLSjC2Cwz5gbKw. Mahalo to Hawaii slack for sponsoring the event.

Speaker: https://www.gabrielyanagihara.com/

Location: The Hub Coworking Hawaii 1050 Queen St at 6pm

Other upcoming workshops and events

You are invited to an exclusive workshop, hosted by What School Could Be, d’Skills, HTA, and Gabe Yanagihara:

Are you feeling the pressure to meet the diverse needs of your students while also managing your own workload and work-life balance?

The Balanced Educator: AI Tools to Minimize Burnout and Maximize Productivity is a transformative workshop designed to empower you as an educator with innovative AI tools and strategies to enhance your teaching effectiveness and personal well-being.

Date and Location: April 6th, 8:30-11:30am

Hawai’i Technology Academy, Waipahu Campus

[AI 101: A crash course in current artificial intelligence tools]

Welcome to AI 101: Crash Course, an array of engaging and informative AI workshops, designed to unravel the intricacies of modern artificial intelligence.  As a participant, you will delve into the dynamic world of AI, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies function and how they can be harnessed effectively. Whether you're an educator looking to integrate AI into your curriculum, a business professional aiming to leverage AI for enhanced operational efficiency, or an individual eager to explore the frontiers of this transformative technology, these workshops are tailored to meet your needs.

Up to 15 attendees per session.

 Email gabrielyanagihara@gmail.com to schedule him at your next conference, professional development day or private training.

Remote Training 

Via Zoom, WebX or any video conference tool you prefer.

In Person hands on workshop

Bring your own device or use existing office/computer space.

AI In the Open: Free Panel Event

AI in the Open: Responsible Innovation for Access, Accountability, and Discovery. This event is cosponsored by the AI Policy and Governance Working Group and the Institute for Advanced Study.

Come check out Shangri La Museum and hear us talk about the coming wave of A.I. for free!

Shangri La Website
Free Panel Tickets

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, HR is no exception. This webinar will serve as an introductory primer to explore potential, easily adaptable, applications of AI in HR. This one hour session aims to equip HR leaders and practitioners with the knowledge to harness AI for enhanced efficiency and strategic problem-solving. Participants will learn how AI can streamline HR administration, improve benefits enrollment, refine new hire onboarding processes, and elevate employee engagement and development.
March 8, 2024 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Crash Course AI training for Educators looking to take back their free time and foster a healthy work life balance using AI tools! Leave revitalized and excited to explore and share these new tools with your peers and your students. Special Guest Hannah Williams from d'Skills!
April 6th 8:30am - 11:30am

Half Day Workshop

Follow-up to the webinar for a half day training for HEC.
March 12th 8am-4pm

Join us for a transformative workshop that unveils the power of out of the box Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business. Aimed at executive leaders in Hawaii, this session is your gateway to understanding and leveraging generative AI for strategic advantage.
April 22nd 9am-12pm

Adobe Firefly and AI Tools Training Workshop Maui

a series of after-school workshops focused on Adobe Firefly and AI tools, targeted at STEMWORKS students. Each session will be 2 hours long, dedicated to exploring AI with Adobe Firefly and its application in storytelling. An additional 2 hours of one-on-one training with teachers will be provided either before or after each workshop.
Duration: March 18th to 22nd

Join us for a transformative hackathon for students that unveils the power of out of the box Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for students to create their own images and ideas. 
April 4th, 2024 at the Hawaii Convention Center


AI 101: Crash Course Hi Business

In depth AI training for HR and Business teams in Hawaii. Email gabrielyanagihara@gmail.com for advanced booking. Announcements coming soon for March and April 8 Hour workshops

AI workshops for middle schools and high schools across Maui

AI playground day

In depth AI training for 6 hours of training for 'Iolani Teachers.  

100+ attendee workshop on the 50 ways I used AI in my classroom this year

Tailored for those eager to integrate AI into their management strategies, this workshop offers immediate, actionable insights into using AI for enhancing daily operations and team productivity. Jan 7th

Register here today!

400+ attendee 4 weekend Professional Development cohorts covering the breath of AI applications in education.

AI 101 free sponsored workshop

Learn the basics of AI through design thinking in this hands-on event, where we'll explore how AI can enhance creativity and problem-solving. Sponsored by Design Thinking Hawaii.

'Iolani School AI 101: FlintAI

Hands on overview of current AI capabilities and how you can engage with AI this year. Flint x ChatGPT

'Iolani School AI 101: Workshop

Extended workshop on ChatGPT and it's capabilities in Education

'Iolani School  AI 101: round table

Round table discussion on AI use. 
Bring your Questions and see example work generated and enhanced by AI tools. 

'Iolani School  AI 101: Image Generation

Explore AI generated imagery tools like Midjourney, Dall-E and stable Diffusion for Halloween a themed workshop

'Iolani School  AI 101: recap

Revisit all the AI 101 workshops and go over best practices and practical applications learned from example collected this first quarter. 

'Iolani School Ai open office hours

Open Office Hours! Heard of a new tool? Let me know and we can schedule a personalized workshop or PD for your department.