Teaching Joy

Teaching Joy: Creating a Joyful Middle School Classroom

In "Teaching Joy", seasoned educators Greg Bowman, Alan Suemori, and Gabriel Yanagihara, with a combined century of experience, present a heartfelt guide to understanding and nurturing the intricate tapestry of middle school development. This book is not just about pedagogical strategies; it's a journey into the heart of teaching, emphasizing the human connection and the joy of learning. Delving deep into the complexities of cognitive, emotional, and social development of middle schoolers, the authors provide practical tools and insights to foster joy, empathy, and effective learning in the classroom. This invaluable resource urges educators to see beyond the curriculum, celebrating the unique experiences, dreams, and aspirations of each student. A must-read for educators who believe in the transformative power of teaching with heart and purpose.

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About the Authors

Alan Suemori

Alan Suemori received his BA in English and history from Columbia University and his MA in Education from the University of Hawai’i. Along with Wendell Silva and Shuzo Uemoto, he is the co-author of Nana I Na Loea Hula, a compilation of oral histories and black and white portrait photographs documenting the traditional hula resources of Hawai’i. He is also a longtime contributor to The Hawai’i Herald, a bi-monthly Japanese-American newspaper. Alan has taught English and History at ‘Iolani School for the past thirty-one years.

Greg Bowman

Greg Bowman received his BA in Social Science Secondary Education from Salisbury State College and MA in Recreation Administration from the University of Maryland. A U.S. Army veteran, he has been a lifelong educator, coach, and camp administrator for nearly fifty years. In his spare time, Greg enjoys exercising, reading, listening to various music genres, and telling corny jokes. Along with Alan Suemori, he is the co-author of Leilani: Blessed and Grateful, a children’s book about the legacy of King Kalakaua and Queen Kap’iolani. Greg is a World Religions teacher at ‘Iolani School.

Gabriel Yanagihara

Gabriel Yanagihara Born and raised in Hawaii, Gabriel earned his degree from the Academy for Creative Media at UH Manoa, laying a foundation for his innovative educational philosophy with local roots. With a passion for integrating new technologies into the classroom, he teaches classes tailored for the digital generation in coding, AI, 3D Printing, Esports and Game Design. A recognized voice in the educational community, Gabriel has delivered countless professional development workshops ranging from District Area Keynotes to TED Talks, sharing his insights and expertise on the evolving landscape of teaching and learning.  

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