Safely Embrace AI

Step into my Classroom, charged with Flint ai

Join us for an exciting online event where we delve into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Gabriel Yanagihara from 'Iolani School. This event is perfect for beginners who want to explore the power of AI and its impact on your daily work and life. Discover how Flint AI tools can enhance your already tried and true teaching methods while also supporting your students and lessening your workload.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about AI in a fun and interactive environment for free. Get ready to unlock your creativity and gain valuable insights into the world of AI infused education with real world examples and simulations.  If you've never used AI before, or heard the buzz and wanted to take your first steps, this is the event for you! Reserve your spot now!

Beginner Friendly

Join me on my journey to collaborate with FlintAI to personalize learning for all my students and achieve work-life balance.  

Stay ahead of the curve

Use Flint to Design AI tutor or assess my students in 1-1 conversations, based on custom learning objectives and materials.

Born from the Y Combinator startup, Flint AI is built from the ground up for schools to empower the day to day relationship between Students and Teachers.

Flint is an all-in-one AI platform built for schools.  

Flint lets teachers create classroom activities, worksheets, quizzes, and handouts in seconds with AI. Share Flint with a teacher in your life to save them 10+ hours a week.

About our Partners

Jinseo and Sohan

The power duo from Y Combinator who launched FlintAI to pursue their mission of helping K-12 embrace AI.

Gabriel Yanagihara

Born and raised in Hawaii, Gabriel Yanagihara is an experienced educator with a background in computer science, creative media, and video game design.  In addition to teaching, Gabriel is an advocate for Professional Development and Community Outreach, and gives Keynotes, Teacher Trainings, and PD workshops on topics including Esports, Minecraft, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning AI tools. 

Watch our previous webinars

Get caught up at your own pace with these recordings form Gabriel's other FlintAI webinars. Slides and Notes avaiable via email. 

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Start with a learning objective.

Design an AI for your students to talk to.

Give students personalized help.

Get AI-powered feedback.