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This is my teacher landing page for my STEMworks AI camps for middle school students.
Maui Dec 18-21st

AI charged creativity in middleschool students

Students all across Maui join us for a series of exciting in-person events where we delve into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Gabriel Yanagihara from 'Iolani School. Students explore Adobe Firefly and other AI tools to help them bring to life their own books, stories, comics and business ideas.

These events are a perfect intro for beginners who want to explore the power of AI in a safe and supportive environment. Discover how AI tools can enhance your students problem-solving skills and revolutionize the way they approach design challenges.

Location: Maui Campuses Dec 18th-21st

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about AI in a fun and interactive environment for free. Get ready to unlock your creativity and gain valuable insights into the world of design thinking with AI. If you've never used AI before, or heard the buzz and wanted to take your first steps, this is the event for you! Reserve your spot now!

About our Partners

STEMworks Hawaii

The mission of STEMworks™ is to provide students and teachers resources, inspiration, and tools that empower them to improve their community and the world. A statewide program led by Women in Technology (an initiative of the Maui Economic Development Board), STEMworks™ pursues its goals through a variety of offerings including the STEMworks AFTERschool™ program, STEMworks™ internships, STEMwork™s THINKit™, STEMworks™ teacher professional development, STEMworks™ Energy, and the Hawaii STEM Conference.

Gabriel Yanagihara

Born and raised in Hawaii, Gabriel Yanagihara is an experienced educator with a background in computer science, creative media, and video game design.  In addition to teaching, Gabriel is an advocate for Professional Development and Community Outreach, and gives Keynotes, Teacher Trainings, and PD workshops on topics including Esports, Minecraft, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning AI tools. 


In a world where education constantly evolves with technology, I've discovered an innovative way to nurture creativity in my 4th-grade classroom. By integrating ChatGPT and AI-powered illustration tools into our Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) creative writing sessions, we've embarked on a magical journey, transforming imaginative narratives into vivid, tangible experiences.

1. The Fusion of AI and Creative Writing:

Our adventure begins with descriptive writing exercises. Students are tasked with creating characters, settings, and scenarios fit for a D&D universe. But there’s a twist – each description is brought to life through AI-generated illustrations, using ChatGPT4.

2. From Words to Visual Wonders:

Students type their character descriptions into ChatGPT4, and the AI responds with stunning, illustrative interpretations. This visual feedback excites the students, giving them a tangible connection to their creations. It’s fascinating to see their faces light up as their words transform into detailed images, from valiant knights to mystical landscapes.

3. Enhancing Storytelling Skills:

The AI illustrations serve as a springboard for deeper storytelling. Students use their characters and settings as the foundation for crafting short stories. These stories are shared in the class, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where each narrative is celebrated.

4. Translating Tales into D&D Campaigns:

The real magic happens when these stories are fed back into ChatGPT. The AI tool takes these narratives and translates them into D&D campaigns, adjusted to a 5th-grade reading level. This not only makes the content accessible for our young writers but also introduces them to the structure and elements of game design.

5. The Role of D&D in Education:

Dungeons & Dragons is more than a game in our classroom. It's a tool that teaches problem-solving, teamwork, and narrative structure. By integrating it with AI, students learn the value of technology in creative expression and storytelling.

6. Witnessing Growth and Engagement:

One of the most rewarding aspects of this project is observing the students’ growth. Their descriptive writing skills have improved remarkably, and their ability to think critically and creatively has been enhanced. Moreover, the enthusiasm they show in each session is palpable – a testament to the engaging power of combining traditional storytelling with cutting-edge AI technology.

7. Preparing for a Tech-Forward Future:

This initiative is more than just a classroom activity; it's about preparing students for a future where technology and creativity intersect. By introducing them to AI tools like ChatGPT in a fun and educational setting, we're equipping them with the skills and confidence to navigate the digital world.

Our journey in blending AI with creative writing in a D&D-themed classroom has been nothing short of magical. As an educator, it’s thrilling to see how technology like ChatGPT can enhance learning, ignite imagination, and bring student creations to life in the most enchanting ways. In our class, every student is a storyteller, every story a gateway to new worlds, and every AI-generated illustration a bridge between imagination and reality.