iTeach808 2024

iTeach808: Empowering Hawai’i’s Teachers In Technology Conference has been serving Hawaii’s educators for the last 10+ years.  It is sponsored by Sacred Hearts Academy and the Augustine Educational Foundation.  This year, it is presented in partnership with Laurel Oshiro and Gabriel Yanagihara.

AI101 v02 2024 iteach808

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If this is your first time seriously trying AI tools, this is the workshop for you!

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Let us give back to the community with free training to supercharge Hawaii and move us ahead of the curve!

Augustine Educational Foundation

Founded in 1984, the mission of the Augustine Educational Foundation is to provide tuition assistance to help families with financial needs that count on Hawaii Catholic Schools for their children’s education.

It is our mission to provide grants to improve the quality of Catholic education without discrimination of race, ethnicity or religion. Today, those programs are referred to the Tuition Scholarship and Teacher/Curriculum Development Grant Programs.

The history of Hawaii Catholic schools dates back to 1840, when King Kamehameha III enacted a law designed to enforce education across the Hawaiian Islands. Today, 30 parish and private Catholic Schools on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai, serve nearly 7,000 students ranging from preschool through high school with various ethnic and religious backgrounds. It is a system of schools that religiously, socially, racially and economically is one the most integrated educational systems in the world.

Sacred Hearts Academy is a Catholic college preparatory school which provides girls and young women an exceptional education, the experience of  God’s compassionate love revealed in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the inspiration to become leaders for their communities and the world.

The Academy is committed to provide an exemplary educational experience for Hawai'i's girls and young women which is grounded in the Catholic and Christian values of the founding Sisters. While laying a firm, academic foundation, this experience also focuses on helping its students to develop and thrive socially and emotionally, as leaders and change-makers, as confident creators and innovators, as caring and empathetic contributors focused on making their communities and the world a better place.

About our Partners


Veteran and visionary of iTeach808, Laurel serves Sacred Hearts Academy as their school library media specialist at Sacred Hearts Academy and as the event coordinator for  iTeach808. Her work brings together hundreds of educators each year to explore what it means to be an educator and leads by example by engaging with ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.

Gabriel Yanagihara

Born and raised in Hawaii, Gabriel Yanagihara is an experienced educator with a background in computer science, creative media, and video game design.  In addition to teaching, Gabriel is an advocate for Professional Development and Community Outreach, and gives Keynotes, Teacher Trainings, and PD workshops on topics including Esports, Minecraft, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning AI tools.